Darren Curnoe’s Blog

Darren-Curnoe_3_LR copyWho am I?  An evolutionary biologist, archaeologist and science communicator, specialising in human evolution and related fields based at the University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia).

I am deeply passionate about science and the role it plays in building understanding about humanity and our place in nature.

Why do I write?  My blog  – Walking on Two Feet – aims to provide a frank, critical and innovative account of the science of human evolution, informed by the latest and quality peer reviewed scientific literature.

My aim is to instill a deep understanding of human evolutionary history, it’s relevance to understanding contemporary challenges facing humanity, and the practice of this field of science, to the widest possible audience.

New – see my cover story for Australasian Science’s July/August edition.

Download a profile of my work and interview featured in a special edition about Australian science published in International Innovation. 

Read/download for free some of my scientific articles:  one in PLoS One and another in International Journal of Evolutionary Biology.